Hydrographic Coatings manufactures and supplies hydro-printing equipment and products nation wide. This includes professional hydro dip tanks, rinsing bays, ovens, and chroming systems and all related accessories. We are specialists in the field of customizing any 3-D surfaces and have mastered the technology over the course of 7 years.

We are the largest and most experienced suppliers in South Africa for this technology and we’re willing to share our experience and knowledge so you can start your own business – Hydro Graphic Coatings has simplified this technology for you. We provide support and training along with all of our systems and products to ensure your success.


Starter Kits:
We provide a starter kit for you to play around with – test our product, see how it works. Hydro Graphic Starter kits don’t emulate the quality of our full product, it’s just for you to get a feel for it and see how easy it really is.

Water Transfer Activators:
Due to import restrictions of flammable liquids and substances Hydro Graphic Coatings has formulated it’s own advanced activator, manufactured locally for your convenience – our activator has been specifically engineered to be the most effective when working with any of our products.

Water Transfer Films:
Hydro Graphic Coatings has a wide variety of over 220 different and unique patterns suitable for automotive and decorative purposes, this includes but is not limited to: Carbon Fiber, Skulls, Wood Grains, Flames and many more. To see all of our patterns visit our store page or download the PDF at the bottom of this page.


Download a PDF of all of our film patterns down below.