Hydrographic Coatings

Core Business:

Hydrographic Coatings manufacture equipment for the hydro-printing industry. This includes dip tanks, rinsing tanks, spray booth, ovens, and chroming systems, it’s technology involves transfer of patterns to any 3D surface from metal, steel, wood, auto body parts, glass, ceramics etc. This technology made simple to allow recipients to generate income through dipping without huge capitalization. The company offers training and support to its customers.

Our Services

Starter Kits

The hydrographic starter kit is a do it yourself version of the commercial process known as water transfer printing.

Water Transfer Activators

The water transfer activator has been specifically formulated and manufactured by Hydro Graphic Coatings.

Water Transfer Films

Make your items look awesome with our range of over 220 films - carbon fiber, skulls, wood, lightning and more. Only R175 per SQUARE meter.

Types of Films

Perfect for car interior & exteriors, magwheels, bike rims, helmets and private aircraft interiors. All films only R175 per SQUARE meter.


Get your activator in aerosol or per litre @ the best price straight from the manufacturer - Hydrographic Coatings!

Hydrographic Starter Kit

The starter kit enables you to customize smaller items and our proffesional tanks packages creates business opportunity in the commercial water transfer printing market.

Online Shop

Coming soon - shop from the comfort of your own home! In the meanwhile please contact us for anything that you may need.